Darlington County
Community Action Agency

We are currently accepting applications for the upcoming 2022-2023 School Year!

Be sure to review our Head Start Center locations to determine the site closest to your home before you begin your application.  Also, please be sure to have your email address ready as it is required to complete your child's Head Start application.  You may want to consider AOL, Google, or Yahoo accounts if you don't currently have an email account.  These are all free options!


Click here to complete an English Application.  Here.

Haga clic aqui para completar una solicitud en espanol.  Aqui.


Once your application has been submitted, the following will happen:

  1.   A Family Service Advocate will receive your application.
  2.   The Family Service Advocate will contact you to make an appointment for you and to request additional information.
  3.   Please keep your appointment and bring the requested additional information.


Needed documents for your interview appointment. 

  • Proof of current family income (income tax forms: W2/Form 1040, Child Support, TANF/SSI, Check Stubs)
  • Proof of Child's birth (Birth Certificate, Passport, etc.)
  • Proof of Child's Immunization Certificate
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Proof of Child's Disability (if applicable)